Utopia VR Announces Zombie Land VR, a Virtual Zombie Experience Just in Time for Halloween

KELOWNA, British Columbia – October 14, 2020 — via NetworkWire — Utopia VR (the “Company” or “Utopia VR”) announces Zombie Land VR, an iconic zombie experience featuring a heart-pounding interactive, fully immersive virtual reality (“VR”) themed environment. As participants walk through the foggy street at night, they must keep watch for attacking zombies that may emerge from houses or appear suddenly from behind parked cars. Users can invite their friends and family to interact in the zombie experience with them – or the very brave can check it out by themselves! Zombie Land VR is not a game or movie trailer – this is an interactive, immersive virtual chat experience.

Zombie Land VR is optimized for PCs, VR headsets or newer mobile phones. Utopia VR is also featuring themed Halloween avatars for a limited time so users and their families can get into this year’s Halloween spirit. Web-based consumers navigate by using avatars and can walk, talk and sit just like they do in the real world. An avatar can be controlled with a computer keyboard, smartphone or virtual reality headset such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. Users can use text, chat, voice and video to communicate with others participating in Zombie Land VR.

A preview of the Zombie Land VR experience can be viewed at:

Zombie Land VR is the first in a series of themed VR experiences to enter the entertainment and sports industry. Utopia VR, which is positioning itself to be a leader in engagement marketing, is working with talented industry professionals to develop and launch specific VR themed environments to engage targeted audiences. The themed environments will be corporate branded, adding to the Company’s customized VR experiences that engage and build loyalty among consumers.

Engagement marketing – sometimes called experimental marketing, event marketing or loyalty marketing – engages consumers and can be used as an extension to a website, digital commercial or advertisement or can replace traditional marketing methods altogether. This type of marketing allows a consumer to participate in the evolution of a brand experience rather than merely being a passive receiver of the messages. Engagement marketers believe consumers should be actively involved in the production and co-creation of marketing programs, developing a relationship with a brand. Utopia VR customizes the virtual
engagement marketing campaigns specific to the company’s core values and market demographic.

One of the key benefits specific to Utopia VR’s technology is the ability to target a worldwide audience with technology that works on all platforms simply by sharing a link. Consumers decide if they want to participate in an engagement marketing campaign in 3D or virtual reality, depending on their preferred device; therefore, every engagement marketing campaign targets a large audience without limitations due to technology. Stuart Gray, president of Utopia VR, stated, “We are excited to be positioned as a technology innovator with engagement marketing and will be announcing strategic partnerships and collaboration with professionals from the entertainment and sports sectors. Utopia VR’s disruptive technology is an incredible way to cost-effectively engage consumers. Zombie Land VR is just a snapshot of what’s to come.”

About Apex VR Holdings Inc.
Apex VR Holdings Inc. (Apex) is doing business as Utopia VR. Apex is a diversified technology company focused on virtual reality experiences for business, sports and entertainment. The members of the Apex management team have vast experience in technology and innovation and have been employed or worked in a third-party capacity with technology companies such as Microsoft and Skype. Also, the management team members have backgrounds in both the private and public financial markets and have led junior listed public offerings for companies that have realized billion-dollar market valuations.
Utopia VR is a web-based, mobile-friendly audio and video conferencing immersive experience that utilizes innovative 3D web technology. What makes this technology unique is that there is no download or installation required. Users simply send a web link to whomever they want to join them in their virtual room. The technology is in beta and very rapidly in development.

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