Utopia VR Launches Global Virtual Reality Platform in Beta Offering Zoom-like Meetings

KELOWNA, British Columbia – Sept. 1, 2020 – Utopia VR (the “Company” or “Utopia VR”) announces the launch of its global virtual reality, business and social platform offering Zoom-like meetings. Utopia VR is a web-based, mobile-friendly, audio and video conferencing immersive experience that utilizes innovative, 3D, web technology. What makes this technology unique is that there is no download or installation required. You simply send a web link to whoever you want to join you in your virtual room. Utopia VR features a selection of business and social virtual rooms (VRooms) such as an executive board room, tech center, classroom, animated disco, or even your own private village. The Company is currently featuring a selection of 12 VRooms for registered members to use on an unlimited basis and it is free to join by visiting. www.utopiavr.io  

Members of Utopia VR navigate through the various VRoom environments by using avatars; you can walk, talk and sit just like you do in the real world. An avatar can be controlled with a computer keyboard, smartphone or virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. You can use text chat, voice and video to communicate with others. Also, you can import audio, video, 3D pictures, animation, and document PDF files by simply dragging and dropping your file into a VRroom or by posting a link from media platforms such as YouTube.

Host your own private business meetings, trainings and social events in your own virtual boardroom, tech center, classroom, village, gallery, etc. Utopia VR is a highly effective and collaborative way to learn and communicate. From the start-up entrepreneur, professional worker, business manager, salesperson, business coach, teacher and trainer to the independent corporate executive, Utopia VR is the perfect communication and sales tool.

Stuart Gray, president of Utopia VR, states, “More people are now working from home than ever before and companies are looking for solutions to communicate and train their employees. Utopia VR offers a web-based technology platform that allows people to host or participate in a virtual meeting from anywhere in the world simply by clicking a unique web link. And since Utopia VR can be used on a mobile device, it’s an incredible sales and marketing tool.  Simply share your unique VRoom links by text, email, or by posting on any social media platform.”
With business owners, professionals,  sales agents, students, and teachers impacted by COVID – 19, there has been a dramatic user increase in conference services. But not everyone has been satisfied with teleconference services, such as Zoom. Utopia VR offers a unique, interactive and fun conference alternative. You can navigate with the use of avatars, import 3D objects, interact, and engage with others in a way that simulates the real world. If you require the traditional audio and video features that teleconferencing offers, you can select those options.

Positioning for the future

According to stats surrounding mobile traffic vs desktop traffic in 2020, most of the internet traffic came from mobile phones, with 50.48% mobile compared to desktop traffic at 46.51%. Since this technology works on mobile phones and all other devices there are no market barriers as anyone can use the intuitive Utopia VR platform. *

There are several points of revenue for the Company, including a paid, affiliate driven member version of Utopia VR and Corporate advertising anticipated in the first part of 2021. Utopia VR is currently in discussions with several companies regarding joint venture opportunities and is entertaining new business opportunities.

During the beta period, Utopia VR will receive user feedback and continue to design its VRooms, create new, enhanced avatars, and expand its VR technology platform. At the end of the beta period (TBD) all members who have joined Utopia VR will keep their free, basic accounts and be granted updated VRooms and avatars.

About Utopia VR (Apex VR holdings Inc.)

Apex VR Holdings Inc. (Apex) is doing business as, Utopia VR.  Apex is a virtual, remote work solutions Company. The Apex management team has vast experience in technology and innovation and has been employed or worked in a third-party capacity with technology Companies such as Microsoft and Skype. In addition, the management team has a background in both the private and public financial markets and have led junior listed public offerings for Companies that have realized billion-dollar market valuations. 

*Article by Tech Jury 08/11/2020  TechJuryArticle